Frequently Asked Questions

SPEC entire home package $950CAD

SPEC kitchen package $600CAD

SPEC bath package $600CAD

The cost of custom services for the same scope of content as SPEC’s Entire Home Package would be approximately $12,500, depending on your location within Canada.

Some of our partner suppliers offer discounts to SPEC customers. Within the printed SPEC Specification Package, you will find information and contacts to redeem discounts where applicable. Items that qualify for discounts may include countertops, wood flooring, vinyl/laminate flooring, tile, cabinetry, cabinet hardware and lighting.

  1. For best results, we recommend that you research and hire a local General Contractor to oversee your project.  In addition to managing your timeline, budget and installations, your Contractor will receive product discounts over retail pricing.  Review your SPEC package in detail with your Contractor before placing product orders.  We have included contact information for direct discounts where available if you are proceeding without the assistance of a Contractor.  
  2. Review samples and specification binder to ensure you are familiar with all details and able to discuss with your Contractor and know what to expect products to look like upon installation. Please note that once the SPEC envelope containing your written specifications is unsealed, the package will be final sale.  See our Return Policy for further information.
  3. Visit noted website if you wish to view larger images of specified products and to find local vendors.
  4. Research and choose the items not included in your design package: appliances, fireplaces, freestanding tubs – visit your local showrooms.
  5. Confirm selections for items with multiple options provided:  countertop material and sinks, flooring, cabinet pulls.  For these products, we have included high-end and budget options from which to choose. 
  6. Confirm required quantities for all items.
  7. Work with Ikea or your local cabinet maker to plan your Kitchen and/or Bathroom layout.

Your local showroom can assist with sizing and selecting similar alternatives as needed.  Before ordering, be sure to check:

  • Cabinetry sizes for sinks
  • Tub and shower sizes
  • Available heights for bathroom vanity mirrors and lights
  • When choosing your appliances & fireboxes, check availability space, including opened door dimensions
  • Required quantities for all items

When placing your finish/fixture orders with local vendors, you can work with their sales representatives to further customize your SPEC scheme. Based on your SPEC binder, they will be able to help you identify appropriate alternative choices based on preference or budget.

Your package will include contact information or website addresses for all suppliers. If working with a general contractor, they will order most items on your behalf. If you are ordering products directly, you can contact your local showroom by accessing the noted websites or provided email addresses. SPEC designer discounts are available for select products noted in your package. General Contractor orders may be eligible for additional industry discounts. Be sure to inquire about product order lead times to effectively manage your timelines.

Overall costs will vary depending on the location and scope of your individual project.

Your General Contractor will be able to provide estimates based on the products included in the SPEC package. As experienced interior designers, we have chosen products based on quality and value. You will receive discounts for most products through your General Contractor. Select products are eligible for a designer discount where noted. In order to give you an idea of budget level of individual packages, retail pricing is noted for key items on the web pages for those schemes.  The specification binder for your chosen purchased package will contain further pricing information.

If you find within six months of purchasing your SPEC package that an item is no longer available, please contact us for an appropriate alternative at no additional charge.

The affordability and speed of a SPEC purchase are based on non-custom services.  We have included as much information as possible without working from a specific home plan. Because these services are non-custom, there are a few items we are not able to include (appliances, fireplaces, freestanding tubs). Your contractor or local showrooms will be able to assist you with those final selections if you provide them with your size and budget requirements. 

SPEC packages are designed by trained interior designers with over 35 years combined experience. You can trust that your package will deliver that magazine look without the cost of a custom designer. Learn more about our designers. In addition, we will be issuing special SPEC packages created by Celebrity Designers.

To ensure the aesthetic of our schemes is unique and current, we will be constantly updating our content. New schemes will be introduced, while others will be retired.

We use recycled, recyclable and reusable packaging material where possible, although our main priority is to protect your more fragile samples from damage during transit.

SPEC packages for a Complete Home design will arrive in box measuring 18” x 12” x 6”.

SPEC packages for Kitchen Only or Bath Only design will arrive in a box measuring 12” x 12” x 6”.

At this time, we do not have retail or display locations.  This allows us to offer very reasonable pricing for our SPEC packages.

Free shipping across Canada through Canada Post in 7 to 10 business days.

Returns should be shipped to the following address at customer’s expense:

Box 209 – 2991 Northwest Bay Road

Nanoose Bay, BC

V9P 9J9

Provide SPEC with tracking number and reason for return.  

Reminder: Envelope containing your SPEC binder must remain sealed and unopened in order to be returned.