Pacific Sands

Rich, warm hardwood floor tones combine with a light backdrop and subtle beige tones for this beach-inspired scheme.  Pale wood grain cabinetry and light countertops pair with clean-lined fixtures in polished chrome and brushed nickel. An overall contemporary aesthetic where consistency creates the Zen feel of a warm ocean breeze. Read Disclaimer

Approximate Illustration of Kitchen Finishes
Approximate Illustration of Principal Bathroom Finishes

Pacific Sands

General Price Range for Specified Products

Approximate retail product pricing has been included in your SPEC binder as available from your local vendors across Canada.

SPEC does not sell the specified products. The amounts noted below are simply included to give you an idea of the product cost range associated with executing your project based on the SPEC package you are considering.

Your General Contractor will receive discounts on retail pricing. If you are purchasing the products yourself, we have included contacts in order for you to receive Designer Discounts of 20 to 30 per cent off retail pricing.

item approximate retail price measure
kitchen faucet $708.00 each
kitchen sink starting at $412.00 each
kitchen backsplash $9.93 per piece
kitchen pendant light $145.40 each
item approximate retail price measure
laundry faucet $296.00 each
laundry sink starting at $387 each
laundry backsplash $5.48 psf
laundry floor tile $7.56 psf
item approximate retail price measure
Principal bath faucet $349.00 each
Principal bath sink starting at $297 each
Principal bath floor tile $12.47 psf
Principal bath wall tile $6.17 psf
Principal bath vanity light starting at $213.00 each
item approximate retail price measure
fireplace surround tile $‎ 7.10 psf

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