Kitchen Only Package 


A thorough, comprehensive SPECIFICATION BINDER + LARGE SCALE SAMPLES to assist you and your General Contractor with planning your budget and timeline.



SKETCHES included:

  • Cabinet pull placement
  • Kitchen backsplash tile layout
  • Door & window moulding design


  • product codes, supplier information, dimensions, images, and retail pricing
  • all specified products are available throughout Canada
  • Faucet
  • Sink (undermount & drop-in options)
  • Cabinet
  • Cabinet pull and/or knob
  • Countertop (stone & laminate options)
  • Backsplash tile & grout colour
  • Island pendant light


Appliance specifications are not included in this package.  Your local showroom will be able to show you appropriate options based on your specific required items, sizes and budget.

  • Wide plank hardwood floor option
  • Laminate or vinyl floor option (budget alternative to hardwood)
  • Wall, door & moulding paint colour
  • Interior door style
  • Interior door lever
  • Door stop (wall-mount & hinge-mount options)
  • Base board
  • Door mouldings
  • Window mouldings
  • Crown moulding for some schemes

Your General Contractor will receive discounts off retail pricing.  That amount will depend on your local suppliers and your purchasing agreement with your Contractor.  We have noted contacts for discounted pricing on select items where we are able to obtain better pricing for you.

SPEC does not make a commission on the specified items.  Our goal is to provide options that are available across Canada and can be purchased by your Contractor from any province through local suppliers.  You do not need to purchase your products through SPEC in order to purchase one of our packages


Labelled to coordinate with your binder specifications

  • Cabinet 
  • stone countertop 
  • laminate countertop
  • backsplash tile & grout
  • Wall, ceiling and interior door paint 
  • Hardwood floor
  • Laminate or vinyl floor